The spring of 2016 saw the completion of the calendonia sloop, who left the shop for her new home on the south shore of Long Island. After completing the rigging, the sloop finally took to the water and was taken on her maiden sail off Patchogue in early September.  

2016/2017 Bayles Boat Shop Builds
​Hull complete 

In water and ready to sail

The Calendonia Sloop 
Motoring out of Patchogue River 
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Calendonia rigged 

Pirate Dinghy Restoration
How does a boat built in East Germany in the late 1950's end up in a barn on Long Island's south shore? We may never know, but now it is in the Bayles Boat Shop for a complete restoration. The Pirate is still a very active sailing class in Germany, although, today they are of fiberglass construction. Approximately 6,000 have been built since the first one in 1934. 
Removing coaming 
Removing deck hardware
The Pirate arrives

Final removal of bottom

A new rib is cut and installed 
Wagemaker Wolverine Runabout Restoration 
Wagemaker was a company located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, specializing in small molded plywood and aluminum boats. The one we will restore is a 12' molded plywood boat built in 1956. 
Owner with boat

Interior of boat