Bayles Boat Shop has an excellent crew of volunteers eager to assist you with building a new wood boat, 17' or less. You get to choose your boat and we work with you to see that you have the boat of your dreams. You must be part of the build to insure that all is going as you expect. The shop receives a fee based upon the complexity of your project.

Another service we provide is to help owners restore an existing small boat, still 17' or less, that they have no room to do themselves or skills to accomplish on their own.  
Dreamed of Building Your Own Boat?
Boats We Have Built Over the Years 
Here are some of the boats we have built or restored over the past five years. There are a lot of possibilities to get excited about! 
Pea Pod 
Long Point Skiff
Passagemaker Dinghy
Northeast Dory 
Kyak Builds 
Arctic Hawk 
Canoe Builds
SS Sloop
Beetle Cat 
CLC Sassafras
CLC Nymph

All proceeds go towards supporting the shop. Keep boat building alive in Port Jefferson and build a boat with us!