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Reconnect to our area's rich maritime history at the Bayles Boat Shop.  

Come learn and experience the Joy of Wooden Boatbuilding!

Wooden boats connect us to our roots and their craftsmanship should never be lost. The Bayles Boat Shop, a beautiful post and beam construction created by volunteers working together since 2006, is dedicated to ensuring that Port Jefferson’s rich maritime boat building heritage will be kept alive through active small-boat building and restoration projects. See Our Story. Following the successful launch in 2018 of our Student and Youth Boatbuilding Program we have now embarked on a new Community Heritage Project, the Whaleboat 1776 Project.  We hope to continue looking in the future to start other potential community-based  projects such as shop apprenticeships and Family Boat Building programs. Come Join us!

Visit this website and our Facebook page frequently  to see what activities are currently going on and for future workshop opportunities offered by LISEC at the Bayles Boat Shop.


Any man, woman or child having a basic amount of skill with carpenter's tools can build a wooden boat of some kind. Each passing year offers proof of this by the steadily increasing number of home-built craft, many of which would not shame even a professional boatbuilder. Bayles Boat Shop has an excellent crew of volunteers eager to assist you with building your new wooden boat (limited to 17' or less). 


There a lots of ways to build a boat.  You can build from scratch using plans, buy a boat kit, or buy full-size paper patterns for hull parts. Each choice has its pros and cons, not least of which are the skills of the builder and the time one has available to dedicate to the project. The boat of your dreams may be a kayak, a canoe, a simple rowboat, a boat for rowing and sailing, a small daysailer, or a power boat for water-skiing or fishing or both. Whatever the type and size, we suggest you take your time choosing a design. Remember, it may take only minutes to decide to build your own boat but it might take years to complete it.  Can't decide? We will be happy to work with you to choose the ideal design that meets your particular needs and aesthetic desires.


Once you've selected your design our crew of dedicated volunteers will work closely with you to see that you end up with a boat which you would be proud to claim "I built it myself".  Whether building a kit or building from plans our policy strongly encourages that you be an active part of the building process to insure that all is going as you expect. As compensation, the Bayles Boat Shop receives a nominal monthly fee based upon the complexity of the project and the level of owner participation.

Another service we provide is to help existing boat owners repair and/or restore an existing small boat (again 19' or less) that they have neither the space to do themselves or skills to accomplish on their own.

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