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Eleventh Annual Sikaflex "Quick & Dirty" Boat Building Competition to be held August 13th & 14th, 2022.

Our tenth annual SikaFlex Quick & Dirty Boat Building Competition, held in August 2021 , was a rousing success. Although we lost a few teams at the last minute due to COVID concerns and then followed by  a postponement due to weather, a total of seven teams participated.  The race event itself was probably  the closest  and most exciting finish we've ever had and the crowd of spectators thoroughly enjoyed it.


First held in 2011, this annual SikaKFlex Quick & Dirty Boat Building Competition has quickly become one of the "must-see" events of the summer season. Sponsored by the Sika Corporation, a supplier of Marine Adhesives & Sealants,  the event provides would-be boat designers and builders a chance to showcase their creative skills and talents.


THE CHALLENGE: Using only the provided supply of plywood and lumber, plastic cable ties, and adhesive/sealant (SikaFlex 291 of course!), two member teams must build, paint and then paddle their design around a designated course in Port Jefferson Harbor located just offshore of Harborfront Park.  


At the conclusion of the race awards are presented to the three front-place race winners as well as for best Original Boat Design.  Following the award ceremony our annual raffle is conducted which rewards some lucky person(s) with the current years newly completed raffle boatIf you, your friends or family, or members of your organization are looking for a fun and entertaining event to participate in this Summer, then the Quick & Dirty Boat Building Competition is definitely for you.


LISEC also invites and encourages local community businesses to become a sponsor for this annual event. In addition to providing advertising and community awareness for your business your sponsoring contribution will help defray event costs and provide welcome enabling support for all of LISECs current and future programs.


If your business or organization is interested in becoming a sponsor for this event please fill out our Sponsorship Form and mail it into the address listed on the form.

Our Eleventh Annual Quick & Dirty Boat Building Competition will again take place this coming August at beautiful Harborfront Park. If you are interested in participating in this fun event please fill out our Application Form and General Instructions and mail it to the address listed on the form.



2021 Quick & Dirty Boat Building Competition

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The Maker Faire Long Island is Back!

2018 Mini Maker Faire
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The Bayles Boat Shop is proud be part of the this years Maker Faire Long Island event to be held on June 11th, 2022 in picturesque Port Jefferson, NY. The Maker Faire Long Island  is hosted by the non-profit Long Island Explorium and is part of the internationally acclaimed Maker Faire program with Faires being held in New York City, The Bay Area, Berlin, Barcelona and other locations throughout the world. Maker Faire Long celebrates creativity and innovation in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.

For this event, the Bayles Boat shop will be open where you can come in and see wonderful wooden boats being built and restored. We will also have multiple past projects out on the lawn and yard for viewing.

This years Maker Faire Long Island

will again be held at Port Jefferson's 

beautiful Harborfront Park on

Saturday, June 11th between 10 AM

and 5 PM.  Be sure to come

see whats been called "The Greatest

Show (and Tell) on Earth". For more

information on planned events please 

visit Maker Faire Long Island 


Bayles Boat Shop Sponsors Golf Hole for Port Jefferson Rotary Indoor Golf Classic

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On April 9th, the Port Jefferson Rotary Club hosted their 5th Annual Putt & Pub Crawl in beautiful downtown Port Jefferson. 

The Bayles Boat Shop has enthusiastically supported this annual event by creating and sponsoring a golf hole at the Wave Bar in Danfords Hotel as part the festivities. And what better design for a golf hole then our very own Bayles Sloop tied up to the dock.


This event is always a fun afternoon of golf (putting) and frivolity at some of the Village's most popular eateries and drinking establishments.

Just the thing to shake off those winter blues and hone your putting skills at the same time! 

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Bayles Boat Shop Craft Featured in the Filming of "One Life To Give"

A young gentleman walked into the boat shop one Spring morning and inquired whether we might have an 18th century rowboat available that he might possibly borrow for a day for use in a film which he was helping to produce. The gentleman's name was Michael Tessler and he was Executive Producer for the film One Life To Give.  Now most boat shops wouldn't usually have a boat of that vintage just laying around but we did happen to have a 40 to 45 year old Adirondack style canoe available which we felt would fit the part quite nicely.

Michael agreed and was very excited to have found a worthy boat on such short notice and we were equally as excited about having it featured in such an historical film. There was only one slight catch however;  our wooden canoe had not been in the water for a good number of years and the filming was to take place the following Saturday (only two days away). As any classic wooden boat owner will tell you, any traditionally built wood boat (this canoe is lapstraked spruce fastened with copper tacks) will most definitely leak until the wood swells and the seams close tight. Our boat was no exception!


And so, very early on Saturday morning, with high hopes and fingers crossed, we headed off to East Beach in Mt. Sinai, NY for the start of filming.  As luck would have it, on this particular morning the beach was blanketed in an extremely dense fog.  Rather than being dismayed Michael and the film crew felt that the fog would lend a very dramatic effect...and indeed it did.

While waiting for the film boat to arrive (used for filming the off-shore scenes) the actors went about familiarizing themselves with their boat. They eagerly stepped into the canoe and were pushed off for a short paddle to nowhere. It took only about 15 minutes before they were seen to turn around and head quickly back to shore. Then, above shouted questions of "How'd it go" and  "Is everything OK" you could hear their exclamatory shout..."THE BOAT LEAKS!"


We quickly mentioned that this was "kind of" to be expected,  it being such an old boat and yada, yada, yada.  And the actors, much to their credit, laughed it off and proceeded to sit their wet bottoms back down into the boat and go out and do it all over again, and again, and again...but not before emptying the boat out each and every time upon returning to shore. Needless to say, filming took the entire morning and the results are in; the shoot was a great success!

The film One Life To Give premiered on June 24th, 2018 at the Staller Center in Stony Brook, NY. It tells the incredible true story of the friendship between two young American heroes, Nathan Hale and Benjamin Tallmadge. A friend- ship  that saved the American Revolution and changed the course of human history

One Life To Give
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