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Since its founding in 1995, the building and restoration of wooden boats was one of LISEC's early commitments.  As the program expanded and captured the interest of the community, a more permanent home for these activities was researched. Master carpenter, Bill Ramsden, who had previously built the 39' Malabar Schooner TAO in his back yard, proposed building a post and beam structure using 1850's technology in keeping with the history of the original Bayles Boatyard which was once located at this site.  LISEC's former director, Guy Wulfing, discovered the Timber Framers Guild from Beckett, Massachusetts, which assists not-for-profit organizations in creating timber frame structures for community use.  


Jacques Garant came on board as the architect to draw up the plans  LISEC's application was accepted by the Guild and LISEC went to work getting planning approval, preparing the site, and laying a foundation. Crucial to the project at this step was Phil Schiavone who had managed large construction projects for years with E.W. Howell and Company.


Donations of service came at many stages – tree clearing, cement pouring, bull dozing. The real leap forward came with a NYS grant for $50,000 procured by NYS Senator LaValle to raise the frame.  It was an exciting day when the lumber arrived.

In October 2006, and within 10 days, the post and beam frame was shaped, assembled and raised with the help of the Timber Framers. Over 100 volunteers, organizations and businesses pitched in giving their time, money, services and equipment.


Since that start, working through winter snow and summer heat, the many volunteers completed the structure. Senator LaValle procured another grant for $25,000 and NYS Assemblyman Steve Engelbright obtained another one for $50,000. Over $40,000 was raised in cash from the community, donations which are commemorated with names carved into beams and rafters of the structure.


The project has also been supported by tremendous discounts on materials, and countless volunteer hours of work. LISEC especially recognizes Nassau Suffolk Lumber Company, which provided all our lumber needs at their cost, and then subsequently recently, Bright Side Electrical, which did all the interior wiring without cost - saving LISEC $15,000.


The Bayles Boat Shop truly is a community effort to be enjoyed by all.

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