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“There is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing simply messing about in boats"

 - Ratty's quote from the Kenneth Grahame classic, The Wind in the Willows.

In Fall 2018, LISEC's Bayles Boat Shop was proud to announce the launch of our Student & Youth Boatbuilding ProgramWorking in coordination with the Nature Initiative Stewardships program hosted by Avalon Preserve located in Stony Brook, Boatbuilding 101 is intended to teach 14 to 18 year old students the basic skills and various techniques used for building a small wooden boat. The program has been structured to fit inside the school year; beginning in October and extending thru May.

Since hands-on construction time is school-year limited, student projects will primarily consist of building a "kit" boat` for which there are a countless number of design and build options available to fit the schedule. This approach will be less technically demanding than the more traditional methods of wooden boat building but is universally considered to be a great introduction for the first-time boatbuilder. 


Class size is usually limited to 5 or 6 students who meet once a week. Larger enrollments may be broken down into two groups with each group meeting once a week.  Group assignments will be flexible and designed to accommodate a students schedule and preference. Classes are typically scheduled for Monday or Tuesday evenings from 5pm-7pm but again, may be modified to best accommodate the students schedules.


We are excited about this new program and are looking forward to expanding it to include more complex and intermediate level building projects and required skillsets.                                                  

Maritime Education


“We are an Island People and should be informed by the sea.”   

                                                                                                       - Captain George Linzee

Since our very beginning, LISEC has been committed to promoting an awareness and understanding of our marine environment by using "Sound and Harbor as a Learning Laboratory". This approach led to the development of many interesting marine programs and educational alliances over the years.  Unfortunately, we have found it necessary to suspend our maritime education programming due to the retirement of our esteemed Education Director, Kathy O'Sullivan.

Under Kathy's capable leadership, area school districts were brought together in cooperative rather than competitive settings. For example; our organized Beach Clean-ups brought schools, scouts and community members together. Our maritime programs enabled scout troops to work for marine life, environment, geology and local history badges. LISEC was also a proud sponsor for two Eagle Scout projects.

Kathy's vision was instrumental in getting Harborfront Park designated as a site approved by Western Suffolk BOCES for school programs run by LISEC. Using Harborfront Park as a "Learning Laboratory", large groups could be accommodated in rotation as multiple learning stations are available. These station locations include the Bayles Boat Shop for maritime history, the rock front for geology, the beach front for marine discovery, and a creek walk for discussion of environmental issues such as water run-off.  Supplemental to these "learning" efforts, a touch-tank with marine animals would be arranged if desired.

While our Maritime Education programming efforts have been suspended they are by no means forgotten. It is our expressed desire that this action be only temporary. To that end, LISEC is actively seeking someone who can provide a similar vision and commitment to our education outreach that we enjoyed under Kathy's leadership.


If you feel you are that person (or know of a person) who has a genuine appreciation for Long Islands' rich marine environment and maritime history, who enjoys teaching and working with students/groups ages K thru 12, and would like to volunteer time in pursuit of these activities, then please contact us. We would love to sit down with you to discuss your vision and ideas for continuing this beneficial community program. 

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